Home of Mistress Kali

A lifestyle Dominatrix
since 1993, I started
working professionally in 1998.
I am highly intelligent, well-educated and well-spoken; and although strict, I very much enjoy My work, and relish My position of dominance.

I am well-read in matters of pre-patriarchal Goddess-worshipping cultures, firmly adhering to the principle of the supremacy of the Female - which, in My opinion, our society has done its best to suppress, to its severe detriment.

I like to make the utmost use of My slaves for My own desires and pleasures, and seek to find those willing to serve My ultimate needs in exactly the way I choose.

In my late 40s, a Scorpio with Leo rising and Scorpio moon; for those who know anything about astrology, you will agree a perfect combination for a Dominatrix! A powerful interplay of the magnificent Lioness who rules over Her domain with confidence and pride, whilst traversing the dark hidden depths of the sexual psyche; exploring terrains of forbidden fantasy and delicious desire; the thrill of venturing into the Unknown.

I particularly enjoy gifts of champagne, wine, organic chocolate and luscious fruits, bath luxuries and flowers; also Goddess books and sculptures. I adore footwear and am a size 6 (39)."

Worship Mistress Kali...